sábado, 13 de setembro de 2014

372 - O Mar na poesia portuguesa (tradução em inglês)

And it is an open poem that echoes
in the conch of the shore...
Ah, if we could only hear it without more lines!
So pure,
So blue,
So salty...
Horizontal miracle
Realised in a single word.

Miguel Torga
Diário XV 

segunda-feira, 8 de setembro de 2014

371 - O Mar na poesia portuguesa (traduções em Inglês) 1

But gradually as we sailed
our native mountains disappeared from sight
As we left behind our Tagus and the cools hills
Of Sintra, and our eyes looked longingly upon them;
We also left our beloved land
The heart, that sorrow left there
And, soon after it all was gone,
Finally, we saw nothing but sky and sea.

Thus we were launched upon the seas
Where no generation had set sail,
The new Islands coming and new airs
That generous Henry discovered,
The Mountains and places of Mauritania,
A land possessed, in times, by Antaeus
That lies to our left, there to our right
Another is uncertain but suspected.


Luís de Camões
Os Lusíadas, Canto V, 3 e 4